Success Stories

This course helped me improve Focus on EACH area, not just one. Helped me focus on time, and practice lowering my test anxiety.
I love the confidence in my teachers. Their confidence gives me confidence. I love the amazing energy!!! They make camp WORTH IT!!!!
— Student from April 2019
I enjoyed the class. I have been to a few ACT prep classes and this has been by far the best.
— Student from Oct 2018
They go into depth with each subject and give great points that will help you get over the harder questions.
Sad it is over! I had fun
— Student from Dec 2018
Good endurance training; helped give me the attitude I needed for the 2nd half of the test. Gave help w/ anything I didn’t understand. Feel more confident and extremely prepared.
— Student from August 2018
Not sure you ever hear from students after the boot camp so I wanted to share my sons story with you. He made a 23 first time he took it 21 the second. My pediatrician who happens to be a friend said her daughter score went up 10 points after the boot camp. My best friend tried to talk me out of the boot camp saying unless he gets over a 27 it wasn’t worth it. I knew he could do better than a 23 so I was determined. After your boot camp he took ACT and made a 28!!!i could tell how proud he was of himself so THANK YOU!! He plans to come back as alumni and retake boot camp and ACT. HE WANTS TO MAKE EVEN HIGHER!! I have sung your praises to everyone!!

So thank you thank you thank you!!
— Parent of student from July 2018 class
This class was definitely worth the time! Feeling way more confident about the ACT.
— Student from April 2019
The course is very good, the format is very good. I loved it! Went up in every section, even 8 points in science (27 to 35).
— Student from December 2018
-Engaging teachers
-Number of practice tests/mini practices
-Detailed notes on board. Help us keep up with conversation
-Really amazing time here. The teachers are passionate, engaging, and encouraging.
— Student from August 2018
I absolutely LOVED this class and I really think it will help me. It’s just what I needed to get over the hump I was stuck on. I can’t wait to come back as an alumni!
— Student from July 2018 class
The teachers are willing to teach and tutor each student on any questions they may have. Their determination to help us understand each topic is an amazing bonus.
— Student from July 2018 class
A very great week, 1000% more confident in taking the test!
— Student from February 2018 class
This course was very helpful and I appreciate how much you all cared about getting our scores up.
— Student from August 2017 class
The course has great instructors who are very knowledgeable in a subject and understand how to apply that to the ACT. The class was great, I learned a lot, and I enjoyed the teachers.
— Student from October 2017 class
Hi! I just want to email you and tell you how happy we were with the results of this boot camp! My son went from a high score of 29 to 32! Huge jumps in his Math & English Scores as well. Money well spent.
I have been recommending this to everyone who asks. We have done 3 different classes and this is the only one that brought us up 3 points. And that was a huge surprise since his score was already what we thought was pretty high.
— Parent from June 2017 Boot Camp
Just wanted to let you know my son was thrilled with his 33 ACT score for the February test! He did a little dance :)) Thanks for all your help and coordination :))
— Parent from 2017
It was a great class! I was able to receive feedback and tips that will be extremely useful. I gained lots of practice with easy to understand lectures.
— Student from June 2017 Boot Camp
This course helped me a lot; I have already seen my scores increase!
— Student from February 2017 class
I enjoyed this class very much! It was a lot of hard work, but I have faith that it will pay off!!! Also, all the instructors are very kind, patient, and helpful.
— Student from October 2016 class
I’m so glad I found this class! Best decision I’ve made to improve my chances to get into the school I want. The alumni program was a total surprise; the course is even better than anything I could have asked for.
— Student from December 2016 class
Best ACT course I’ve ever been to!
— Student from December 2016 class
I’m so glad I came to take this course, it was extremely helpful and encouraging! I’ll be sure to text you my Saturday score.
— Student from July 2018 class
This class helped me a ton! It’s a lot of work and time but it’s very beneficial.
— Student from June 2016 Boot Camp
Greatest part of class was the help getting my timing right. Also, this course opened my eyes to look for specific words to help me answer the questions.
— Student from February 2014 Class
You improve so much with all the tips and tricks, always have help available, and conferences. Loved this class! Thanks for your time and helping us!
— Student from January 2015 Class
The tips we were given actually do help bring scores up. Great environment! Without taking this class, I would not be nearly as prepared for the actual ACT as I am now.
— Student from February 2014 Class
My daughter went from 26 to a 30. I’m in tears. Thank you so much and you will be seeing my younger daughter (a freshman) in a couple years.
Thank you, thank you thank you. I’m wrapping her scores for an Xmas present. This means she is in the honors college at OU.
— Mother of Student from December 2014 Class
My son took your class before the December 2015 testing date. He scored a 32 overall, up from 29. The biggest improvement was the 26 in math, up from 21. We are so proud of him but know your program helped immensely. Thank you.
— Parent of student from December 2015 class
I figured my scores would go up, but I didn’t know they would go up that high!
— Student from December 2013 Class
I loved the environment and will definitely come back. This improved my confidence.
— Student from October 2016 class
I liked the ability to view answers and have help with questions missed. I was impressed by the level of individual help.
— Student from January 2015 Boot Camp:
I loved meeting all the teachers. It was a very personal and encouraging environment :)
— Student from June 2016 Boot Camp
Wow! Two thumbs up for this ACT prep course. My son never worked so hard (without complaining) in his life. I think he actually enjoyed the hard work and he seemed to gain new confidence every day. I was impressed with their positive and effective approaches to skill development and strategy training.
Results? My son rocketed to a 50% increase in composite score from last year!
— Parent from December 2012
Fun Class! I actually looked forward to coming every night.
— Student from April 2014 Class
I really learned a lot and appreciated the one-on-one time. Thanks so much, I feel very prepared.
— Student from February 2014 Class
I am so glad that I was able to attend! You all were so helpful and really cared about improving our scores.
— Student from Woodward Class 2016
I loved coming here and can’t wait to raise my score!
— Student from October 2016 class
I got so much out of this course and it helped improve my scores. Thank you all so much for your time to help me improve these scores.
— Student from April 2019
I loved the course so much! I really improved on my timing, and finishing my first math section felt so great!
— Student from August 2016 Class
I had a better understanding and less stress over the ACT after taking this class.
— Student from December 2014 Class